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Antipasta | Appetizers


Garlic Bread
  • Warm and garlicky – 3.99
  • With cheese – 4.99
Cheese Bread
  • Warm, garlicky with a touch of cheese – 6.99
Beer Nuggets
  • With sauce – 4.99
  • Toasted al Italiano triangles served with
    fresh tomatoes – 6.99
Onion Rings
  • Beer battered – 5.99
Parm Nuggets
  • With sauce – 5.99
Luigi Tavern Chips
  • Warm tavern chips topped with tomatoes,
    scallions, feta cheese and drizzled with
    a balsamic glaze – 7.99
Cheese Curds or Jalapeno Cheese Curds
  • A Wisconsin favorite – 6.99
Mozarella Sticks
  • Breaded and deep fried – 6.99
Sicilian Chips
  • Chips topped with mozzarella cheese, salsa,
    scallions, bacon, sour cream and drizzled with
    Buffalo sauce and ranch – 7.99
Buffalo Wings
  • Bone-in or Boneless – 7.99
    BBQ • Hot • Mild • Garlic Parmesan • Thai Chili
French Fries
  • Golden crisp – 3.99
Chicken Tenders
  • Breaded chicken strips served
    with French fries – 7.99

Panini Caldi

All sandwiches served with French fries or chips and pickles. Cheese Choices: American, Provolone, Pepperjack or Mozzarella Add any of the following to your panini for – 99¢ Onions • Green Peppers • Banana Peppers Mushrooms • Black or Green Olives Jalapeño • Lettuce • Tomato

*Consuming raw or undercooked food could be hazardous to your health. Prices subject to change without notice.

Philly Steak
  • Slivered beef or chicken grilled and topped
    with your choice of cheese – 8.99
Luigi’s Special Cheesesteak
  • Slivered beef or chicken grilled with onions,
    mushrooms, bell peppers and pepperoni
    with your choice of cheese – 10.99
Chicken Sandwich
  • Boneless chicken breast fried or grilled and
    topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo – 8.99
Buffalo Chicken
  • Fried chicken breast seasoned in a spicy sauce
    and topped with pepperjack cheese – 8.99
Italian Beef
  • Roast beef seasoned al’ Italiano with melted
    mozzarella cheese and au jus served
    on the side – 8.99
    Add Giardiniera – 99¢
Luigi Burger*
  • Half pound burger served with lettuce and
    tomato – 8.99
    Add Your Choice of Cheese – 59¢
    Add Bacon – 99¢
Mushroom Provolone Burger*
  • Half pound burger topped with fresh
    mushrooms and provolone cheese – 8.99

Salads & Such

Our fresh salads made for you. 

Mediterranean Chicken Salad
  • Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, onion, tomatoes,
    feta cheese, cucumbers and Kalamata olives
    in a Mediterranean vinaigrette – 9.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad
  • Crispy chicken tossed in hot sauce, served
    over lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and onions.
    Served with ranch dressing – 8.99
Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Grilled chicken, lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomatoes,
    cheese and dressing of your choice – 8.99
Caesar Salad
  • Crisp lettuce, Parmesan cheese and onion – 7.99
    Add Chicken or Shrimp – 3.99
Sam’s Salad
  • The same taste of the Luigi’s Special pizza,
    without the crust! Pepperoni, ham, onions,
    mushrooms, green peppers, black and green
    olives and mozzarella cheese on a bed of
    lettuce. Choose your favorite dressing – 9.99
Garden Salad
  • Lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and your
    choice of dressing – 3.99
Homemade Soup
  • Ask your server for selection – 3.99
  • We proudly serve Pepsi products.
    We serve Baumiester Root Beer,
    Orange, Cherry and Cream Soda.
    We also serve Sundrop.

Pasta Perfecta

Served with choice of homemade soup or dinner salad and fresh made bread.
Some dishes can be made with Gluten Free Pasta.
2.00 for split orders.

  • Our famous homemade creamy white cheese
    sauce over linguine pasta – 11.99
    • Add Mushrooms or Broccoli – 2.99
    • Add Chicken or Shrimp – 3.99
    • Add a Medley of Seafood – 6.99
Maria’s Chicken Bruschetta
  • Sautéed chicken breast over pasta bowties
    smothered with bruschetta tomatoes – 14.99
  • This old family recipe uses rich
    Bolognese sauce and layers it with
    cheese and pasta – 12.99
Baked Mostaccioli
  • One of our most popular dishes. Penne pasta
    mixed with mozzarella and homemade tomato
    sauce baked to perfection. We even toss
    in a meatball – 11.99
Cheese Tortellini
  • Served with your choice of:
    • Rich Meat Sauce • Frances’ Marinara Sauce
    • Our Famous Alfredo Sauce – 10.99
Chicken Marsala
  • Served on a bed of pasta, with your choice
    of soup or salad and fresh bread. Juicy chicken breast sautéed with
    fresh mushrooms in a Marsala
    wine sauce – 14.99
  • Choose your seafood and we’ll put it with
    either a white wine olive oil sauce or red wine
    sauce and serve it over linguine.
    • Clams – 12.99 • Shrimp – 14.99
    • Luigi (Clams, Shrimp and Calamari) – 16.99
  • Sautéed shrimp, tomatoes, peppers, onions
    and garlic tossed in a rich, creamy wine sauce.
    Served over linguine – 13.99
Donatello Con Mushroom
  • Crisp bacon, chicken and mushrooms in a
    white wine garlic cream sauce – 13.99
  • Stuffed with spinach, crab meat and creamy
    fresh ricotta cheese, seasoned with Sicilian
    spices and served with our famous Alfredo
    sauce or Frances’ marinara sauce or a
    little of each – 12.99
  • Served on a bed of pasta, with your choice
    of soup or salad and fresh bread.
    Your Choice of Eggplant, Nonna’s
    Meatball, or Chicken layered with
    homemade sauce and topped with
    melted mozzarella cheese- 12.99
  • Your choice of cheese or portabella
    mushroom filled ravioli, served
    with your choice of sauce:
    • Rich Meat Sauce • Frances’ Marinara Sauce
    • Our Famous Alfredo Sauce – 10.99
  • With your choice of sauce:
    • Frances’ Homemade Marinara – 6.99
    • Rich Meat Sauce – 8.99
Crabby Francesa Alfredo
  • Three cheese tortellini mixed with crab meat
    and shrimp, baked in our rich, creamy Alfredo
    sauce with melted cheese on top – 15.99
Shrimp and Mushroom Emanuelle
  • Shrimp and mushrooms in a creamy basil pesto
    sauce tossed over linguine – 14.99
Sausage Alla Siciliano
  • Served on a bed of pasta, with your choice
    of soup or salad and fresh bread. Our family recipe sausage links
    sautéed with green peppers and
    onions in our famous sauce, topped
    with mozzarella cheese – 12.99


Gluten Free crust available upon request

Luigi’s Special
  • Sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, green peppers,
    black and green olives.
Veggie Pizza
  • Fresh from the garden. Mushrooms, onions, green peppers,
    black olives, green olives and tomatoes.
Meatzza Pizza
  • Sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni and breakfast bacon.
Chicken Alfredo Pizza
  • Alfredo sauce, garlic and chicken on traditional crust.
Sicilian Pizza
  • A taste of Sicily, thin crust pizza topped with onions, garlic,
    fresh tomato sauce and your choice of ingredients.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  • Creamy buffalo sauce topped with chicken and cheese and
    drizzled with bleu cheese sauce.
Chicken Bacon Ranch
  • Crispy bacon, chicken, garlic butter and ranch seasoning.
Romano Pizza
  • A taste of Italy, thin crust pizza with olive oil sauce, a special
    blend of seasonings and your choice of toppings.
Taco Pizza
  • Taco meat with toppings of lettuce, tomatoes and black
    olives. Served with sour cream. Ole!
Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Grilled chicken, onions, bacon and BBQ sauce.
Traditional or Thin Crust
Traditional or Thin Crust 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 30″
Cheese 8.99 9.99 10.99 14.99 18.99 27.99
Additional Ingredients .90 1.20 1.60 2.00 2.60 3.10
Luigi’s Special 11.99 16.99 21.99 25.99 29.99 42.99
Pan Pizza
Pan Pizza 10″ 12″ 14″
Cheese 9.99 10.99 12.99
Additional Ingredients 1.40 1.85 2.40
Luigi’s Special 15.99 19.99 23.99
Chicago Style
Pan Pizza 10″ 12″ 14″
Cheese 10.99 11.99 13.99
Additional Ingredients 1.40 1.90 2.40
Luigi’s Special 17.99 21.99 25.99

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