The History of
Luigi's Pizza Palace ll

On July 12, 1986, Luigi's opened its doors at 1306 Hwy 41-141 in Little Suamico. The proud owners of the new restaurant were; Sam and Frances, along with their children Josie, Fara and Vito. At the time, Sam was 42 and Frances 37 years of age.

Sam and Frances

More of Our History

In 1991, Luigis was voted “Best Pizza” in Green Bay, something that Sam and Frances were very proud of. On August 4, 1999, four years later, they constructed a new facility across the highway, located at 1326 West Frontier, their current location in Little Suamico. They employ 25 people from the surrounding communities. Luigis is also a member of the Restaurant Association and the Wisconsin Tavern League.

wisconsin restaurant association tavern league of wisconsin member




Sam had a passion for making customers happy, and making them feel like “family”. Even the employees, he made feel important. Sam would help anyone, with anything. On November 16, 2012, sadly Sam passed away, leaving his legacy to continue on. Sam and Frances had been married for 44 years.

Sam’s son, Vito (and his wife Angie) and Frances currently operate the business together along with children Emanuele, Donatello, Francesca and Baby Maria. They plan to continue the rich Italian traditions that Sam instilled in them for generations to come.

Be Part of Our Community

Luigis continually supports its community through area schools fundraisers and coop advertises with other area businesses as well. Watch for “Community Family Nights” that help raise money for local schools, and other such events.